Includes 3 DVDs:
Abs, Core/Strength
& Aerobic Fitness
  • 1st rate production on 3 challenging DVDs focusing on Abs, Core/Strength, and Aerobic exercises.
  • Master Shin will engage you with his coaching and unique form of discipline.
  • Each DVD is designed to improve your athletic and mental toughness.
  • Complete all 3 DVDs each week for a total body workout and to get in the best shape of your life!
$9.99 + S&H
  Master Shin guides you through a variety of exercises to enhance and strengthen you midsection.

  Learn to use your own body weight for resistance to tone and strengthen your muscles.  
  A challenging variety of upper and lower body, cardiovascular exercises are designed to improve your athletic prowess.  

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Grandmaster Shin, a 9th degree black belt, has developed the “Don’t Cheat Yourself” workout series based on his expert Joon-Bi Uoon-Dong program.

Joon-Bi Uoon-Dong (june-bee uon-dong)
Noun: Core conditioning exercises prior to mixed martial arts training.

Master Shin is now taking his core conditioning program to the general public.

Don’t Cheat Yourself…Out of a Healthy Body

This series will help you reach your fitness potential regardless of your age, size, shape, or gender.

  • Added benefit to your daily life
  • Discover how to push yourself in a positive and healthy way
  • Proven methods can improve sports performance

Don’t Cheat Yourself…Out of Time And Money

Added benefits to Master Shin’s home workout regimens:

  • Cancel the expensive gym membership
  • Forget about buying equipment
  • Get a total workout in only 30 minutes a day

Don’t Cheat Yourself…The Results

Master Shin is a living example of how these home workout plans will work.  He is in his seventies, but he has the physique and stamina of a man in his late thirties.  Now these exercise videos can be your personal workout and you, too, can reap the benefits.

  • Transform you body with lean, sexy muscles
  • Improve your posture
  • Decrease stress

Discover Master Shin’s home workout plans today!